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Every day is a creative adventure as an illustrator

I have just been featured on the Hungarian website with an article I wrote about how I became an illustrator. The Hungarian software information portal keeps readers updated on creative software products, news and advice. Check out the article here (English text below). Thank you!

Every day is a creative adventure as an illustrator

I love my job: I am a digital illustrator. I create visuals for newspapers, magazines, packaging, as well as commercial and non-commercial commissions. I spend my days brainstorming, sketching, drawing, analysing, testing, and preparing illustrations in a digital format using my Wacom Intous Pro and Adobe Creative Suite Apps.

Funny enough, my affinity for illustrating started with my parents and their busy social life. Back in the 1980s, my parents often took my brother and I to their social outings at restaurants and events. Again, this was the 80s. Of course we were bored sitting at a table surrounded by adults, so my parents would find a pen and some paper, most of the time a paper place mat for us to draw and doodle on while they chatted with friends and acquaintances. That kept us busy throughout the events.

My brother and I sometime in the 1980s, bored at some lunch party

My older brother and I never got tired of drawing: he drew action figures and cartoons, I drew princesses and family portraits. While we were both average students in school, we excelled in visual arts thanks to our parents’ evenings out. Their busy social life, I guess you could say, fostered our love of drawing. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Although I loved illustrating, my path to becoming an illustrator was not a straight-forward journey. It took quite a few years of studying and working in various fields of design until I finally came back to my roots. Architecture, product design, editorial design, graphic design…I worked in all these fields before I once again reconnected with illustrating. Yet the journey was worth it. My experience in these various professions shaped the illustrations I create today. I am passionate about my work and I find that everyday is a creative and challenging adventure as an illustrator.

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