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Anaconda Foods  SPAIN

Anheuser-Busch InBev  USA

Austrian Chamber of Commerce  AUSTRIA

Die Presse  AUSTRIA

Financial News UK

Human Resources Professional Assoc.  CANADA

Metropole Magazine  AUSTRIA

Neue Züricher Zeitung  SWITZERLAND

Nussland  AUSTRIA

Protein  USA
Tempus Corporate  GERMANY

The Washington Post  USA

Vienna Science Ball  AUSTRIA

Wiener Zeitung  AUSTRIA


Lilly Panholzer is a Canadian-Austrian designer, illustrator and art director based in Vienna. She creates illustrations and visuals for newspapers, magazines, packaging, conferences, large-scale events as well as commissioned artwork for national and international clients.  

Lilly is also co-founder of Alldsgn Studio, a multidisciplinary art

direction firm.


All of Lilly’s work is influenced by a background living in three contrasting cities and cultures: she was born and raised in Toronto, where nature and art had a deep impact on her upbringing; she studied and lived in Barcelona for a decade, where the vibrant colours and lifestyle influenced her creative approach; and she has lived in Vienna for over 15 years, where the city’s art history and sophistication have shaped her technique. 

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