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I haven't written in a while as I was traveling in Asia for a month. 2 Weeks in the vibrant cities of Hong Kong and Macau, and two weeks in beautiful Bali. Since I decided to take my work with me (to embark on a so called workation) I organised a on-the-go office which I had with me at all times, thanks to my Ortlieb waterproof rucksack. Inside was my MacBook Pro, Wacom Intuous Pen Tablet, Wacom carrying case, Moleskin Notebook, a rules and pens and pencils. And that's it. All set to travel and work anywhere, as long as I had the occasional internet connection.

I had the luxury of working in a fantastic co-working space in Bali called Dojo in Canggu. ( Not only wonderful because of its great location and set-up (including a pool, restaurant/cafe and about 5 min. from the beach), but also because of the networking opportunities and people you could meet. Here a short video to give you a feel of the place:

More to follow...

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