Lilly Panholzer

Lilly Panholzer is a Canadian-Austrian designer, illustrator and art director based in Vienna.

Lilly is co-founder of Alldsgn Studio, a multidisciplinary art direction firm, as well as founder of Lilly Panholzer Illustrations. With Allsdsgn and independently, Lilly creates conceptual illustrations for newspapers, magazines and packaging for clients around the world. Her portfolio ranges from collaborations with editorial companies to visual artwork design for articles and reports to packaging illustrations for consumer brands, as well as the art direction of personal projects.


All of Lilly’s work is influenced by a background living in three contrasting cities and cultures: she was born and raised in Toronto, where nature and art had a deep impact on her upbringing; she studied and lived in Barcelona for

a decade, where the vibrant colours and lifestyle

influenced her creative approach; and she has lived in Vienna for over 14 years, where the city’s art history

and sophistication have shaped her technique. 


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